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WING ✯ hardly working

(fst) Different Stars; a Colonial America & British Empire FST

Somehow, this FST was originally going to be a general USUK fanmix, but then it ended up turning into a young/colonial America & England (British Empire~) relationship mix. More so by America's POV then England's. (but I think you can tell when England pops up)

Which I think isn't too bad itself... everyone does their broad general relationship... and as much as I love them post-WW2, I think their platonic relationship is just as wonderful as them being lovers.

I tried to keep the FST more mellow and soft sounding... I didn't want anything too fast, loud or upbeat, because I feel like their relationship during America's childhood is one of the calmest time in their relationship. To England, America is a new world and an escape from the trials of Europe. This tries to cover really, right up until the Revolution but more so its a dealing with the two nation's inner emotions and feelings during these times.

Please enjoy!

01. The Hush Sound - You Are My Home (Bonus Track)
Please will you wake up?
Open your eyes,
It's the first day of a new life, you'll see.
Cotton at the windows,
Pollen as the wind blows,
It's the first day of a new life with me.
Soft as your skin is,
Why so hard to let me in?
You're the one I want to be.

* America becomes England's brand new colony. America's life starts a new with the wonders of Europe coming upon his virgin land... England and America begin to learn about each other more.

02. Pink Martini featuring Jimmy Scott - Tea For Two
Far from the cry of the city
Where flowers pretty caress the stream
Cozy to hide in, to live side by side in,
Don't let it apart in my dream

* A moment of peaceful life for America and England. Tea time in colonial times.

03. Trespassers William - Different Stars
So you'd sing a lullaby to get me to sleep
So it's no surprise my eyes are never heavy
For I've not seen you in the flesh for so long
That I'm not sure we would know each other at all

* America has grown increasingly close to England since becoming his colony. But England is still the British Empire and cannot stay in the colony with him for very long. America missed him... America worries that maybe England won't return this time... that maybe he doesn't care.

04. Lucky Soul - I Gots The Magic
I got the magic, I got the magic and you know it

* England believes in magic, faeries and the occult... America not so much. England still wants to show America many new and wondrous things.

05. Ennio Morricone, Roma Sinfonietta & Yo-Yo Ma - Dinner

* An instrumental track seemed to work the best for at least once and I think this track gives a cute mental image of America and England. England's terrible cooking, them cooking together, eating together. Happy and enjoying their short but precious time together.

06. The School - All I Wanna Do
All I wanna is hang around with you, if you want me to. (Let's go home)
All I wanna do is hang around with you.
Let's go home.

* America and the colony is growing bigger, but all he really wants and needs is England with him.

07. Au Revoir Simone - Shadows
You tell me, "That it's getting better",
But, every time that we say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight,
I am haunted by your eyes and how long they've been crying.

* England says that things will be okay. The increased taxes will be alright. Things will get better, the rising tensions between Britain and the colonies will dwindle... right?

08. Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
I'm not a child I know
We're not going steady
You're pain's gigantic but it's not as big as your ego
Promise not to abandon you, please let me go
Now I've been hurting your feelings
Yeah they were worth protecting
They say I'm too kind and sentimental
Like you could catch affection

* America is ready to become independent. He doesn't want to be seen as a child any longer, we wants to be equal to England. But its hard to let go, its hard to leave the comfort he's know for so long and he knows England won't move on easily... but he'll still love England. No matter what.

09. Hem - Leave Me Here
I could tell by his face - those two tired eyes
It's been a long night searching for grace, now the sun won't rise
Now I have been here before though I know I am lost
Cuz the same place that filled me with joy is just a road I crossed
Just a road I crossed

* He's broken away... but there's an odd bitter emptiness left in England's wake. He knows the hurt he's given England.

10. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness
Saw you turning
Big eyes burning on your way
Nothing out there
The time to tell you what you own
never wanted to feel this pain
Never wanted to feel so sad
Never wanted to feel this pain

* He never wanted to hurt England, never wanted to make him hurt so much. But he needs to move on, he needs to find his own strength to move forward now.

Bonus Track: George Michael - Father Figure
I will be your father figure
Put your tiny hand in mine
I will be your preacher teacher
Anything you have in mind
I will be your father figure
I have had enough of crime
I will be the one who loves you
Till the end of time

* This was more of a joke track then the rest... but it felt kinda right for what this FST was. England is like America's father/brother/guardian figure for the years he takes care of him.



omg that cover design is beautiful

thank you for sharing (8
Glad you like the cover~ I opted out of using fanart this time, lol.

You're welcome!
I love it ;O;
I'm glad you do!! ;; ♥
Oh gosh, I don't really know how to appreciate music, but somehow, this FST touches my heart. Hmm, I can see how all the lyrics describe the relationship between England and America.
Thank you! I'm so glad that the FST was able to touch you. :)
This is ages old, but can you upload it again somewhere else? Megaupload is hating me at the moment.
Of course! Is there a certain site that would work the best for you?
Ah, that's okay now! I decided to try downloading it using Internet Explorer instead of my usual Firefox, and it worked. Thanks anyway :)
All right. I hope you enjoy the FST! ♥
WING ✯ hardly working

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